Industry Leadership

The American LED Alliance is dedicated to connecting authentic Made in USA LED manufacturers of Buy American Act BAA Compliant LED lighting, fixtures, sensors, and controls, with qualified contractors and U.S. government procurement personnel at federal, state, and municipal levels. The American LED Alliance also provides resources for private sector buyers and communicates the advantages of American LED lighting innovation across the marketplace.

Reports and Directory

The Leadership Council of the American LED Alliance provides reports and procurement guidance at the federal, state, and municipal levels along with a resource Directory to align buyers with American LED manufacturers and contractors, who provide supply and support services. Click here for more information on the “BUY AMERICAN LED LIGHTING” Directory.


The American LED Alliance has four-cornerstones to its mission:

  • IDENTIFY authentic U.S. made LED fixtures, sensors, and controls
  • GUIDE federal, state, and municipal decision makers on performance specifications and procurement best practices
  • INCREASE the adoption of U.S. made LEDs by communicating value propositions
  • CREATE more American jobs through direct U.S. manufacturing and indirect support services


To position “Made in USA” LED lighting fixtures, sensors, and controls as the top value choice for public and private sector procurement in America and for export to buyers around the world.



Buy American and Hire American The Executive Order, signed on April 18, 2017 by President Donald J. Trump Executive provides momentum for the Council of American LED Manufacturers at many levels. As U.S. government procurement personnel seek qualified U.S. made lighting and U.S. government contractors seek to fulfill bid solicitations, both groups currently face challenges identifying the options for products that meet the criteria of the Executive Order.



Within the Executive Order, levels of adherence to the Buy American Act (BAA) and Trade Agreements Act (TAA) require clarifications for lighting on what constitutes substantial material transformation for LED fixtures, sensors, and controls vs assembly of domestic and/or imported components. In addition to compliance guidance, the Council of American LED Manufacturers  supports the private sector by clarifying incentives across the multitude of utility company rebate programs.



The positive outcome of LED retrofits and new construction installations include lower operating costs for U.S. companies, which makes them more competitive in the global market. For the U.S. government, lower operating costs result in saving tax payer dollars. Over the next ten years, LED technology can generate over a quarter trillion dollars of energy savings and over 500,000 new American jobs along the path to American Energy Independence.

What can we do to help you?

If you are an authentic U.S. manufacturer, a lighting service contractor, or a procurement manager in the public or private sector, let us know how we can help you.

COVID-19: We are open for business and working remotely and on-site where appropriate.

We hope that you, your families, and your colleagues are staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented pandemic. The private sector is stepping up to help. We support the vision of the Purge Virus KN95 Mask initiative that will help play a role in successfully reopening America. Certified masks can help reduce the spread and the risk of a COVID-19 resurgence. Mayors and Governors as well as CEOs need to get ahead of the timeline and plan for the spring and summer as soon as possible. The cost of bringing the recent FDA approved KN95 masks from China by air freight is far higher than by cargo ship. 40 foot shipping containers can each hold about 460,000 KN95 masks or about 1.8 million surgical masks, which are thinner and typically 3 ply vs 6 ply. Regardless of the mask type, the challenge is time, since the overseas journey is about four weeks. We were late in America to start social distancing, and we should avoid being late to have masks at hand to reopen America with a phased and safe approach.